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One of the biggest scams I have encountered is within the elder care community. Most assisted lving communities charge a non- refundable entrance fee anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $8K. After I paid the entrance fee, I was told they could not take care of dad, refused to bath him or provide basic personal hygiene. Dad is unable to stand unassisted, which was disclosed in writing up front. I was told I could either pay for a private setter or leave that they refused to lift him. I left with the large deposit still unrefunded. This has happend multiple times and even with calling APS, the ombudsmen and the Health Department, I am finding there is nothing I can do to recover the deposit. All of my complaints have been found to be "unsubstantiated", which I have found is 99.9% of the time. They ask Dad if he was showered, and he doesn't remember. The records have all been falsely documented. I started writing in his chart "No" when I saw that the CG had recorded bathing and brushing his teeth, when i was there and found him unbathed, and teeth nasty from multiple days of not brushing. I have been accused of being "abusive" so many times, that I have learned this is the facilities way of throwing up a smokescreen to take the focus off of them. I was told the only way to retrieve my money was if the facility had multiple complaints for the same offensive, and to show a pattern. Well, who do you complain to? Are there any honest facilities out there that truly care about elders or have we reached the stage that this is just another get rich quick way to scam our parents? This is the most unregulated, dishonest industries I have ever encountered. Where does one go to get support and who advocates for the residents?


do the "good" nusing homes brush teeth regularly and attend to other personal grooming or are all nursing home expecting the person to pay for this as additional?
oh my thats awful . thats why i took my dad in my home . when he was in nursing home . his clothes would come up missing and ha dto buy him more clothes . all they do is get him up for breakfast , lunch , supper . even when he couldnt barely eat they dont try to feed him .
he s better off to be at home and have a love ones willin to take care of him one on one .
I have not found one nursing home in five years that will do personal hygiene regularly. Dad has had to have two caps, and 3 root canals from poor hygiene. And the worst part is that they lie on the documentation and record that they did the personal hygiene when it is obvious they did not. One facility that I paid $8K per month, would roll him in the shower and just let the water rinse him off. I was paying $65 per shower extra. I found out a year later when I took him out and he smelled so bad I had to roll all the windows down in the car from the smell. I took him back and showered him and there was literally a cloud that formed in the shower from the stinch. The care givers stated "I thought he could shower himself. He only has one arm and has Alzheimer's...duh! Problem is Dad lived out of state when I was called to take care of him. I was advised by legal counsel to take out a personal loan to cover the cost of his personal care, which I did. I just sold his home for the amount of that loan, which has left me bankrupt from having to oversee his care and take care of his legal proceedings for the past 5 years. I am a single grandmother, who has all but lost my business due to the disruptions in Dad's care. There is no way I can afford to keep him at home and work. He has to be toileted, bathed & dressed. I ruptured a disk in my neck lifting him without assistance. He is over 6 feet and weighs 230 lbs. I feel defeated, and abandoned. I am now in bankruptcy from trying to handle this on my own, and I have no family to help. My brother tried to kill Dad with morphine for his home, so he is definately out of the picture. This is the most isolated, lonely, discouraging thing I have ever done. One person can not do it alone and pay all the household expenses at the same time.
Jander, my heart goes out to you. I am sorry you have had so many difficulties in caring for your dad. He sure is blessed to have you looking out for his best interests. I pray you can get the help you need to see this through. God will bless your efforts.
maybe consider to have him move in the state ure in and be lit closer to him . since thos epople knows he has nobody to come in ck on him every so often they will ingore him .
that is neglet what that place is doing to him . there should be agaisnt the law in that . i would turn those people in !
I have moved him to AZ to be near me, and I do check that is how I know they are not bathing him or brushing his teeth. The problem is, there is no one to turn them into. They have documentation that they did his ADL's, even though it was falsely documented, Dad can't remember, and there is nothing short of a law suit and it isn't worth the money. The facilities know it, and they get away with it time after time.
Is he a Veteran? The Veterans homes are under stricter guidelines and laws. And contrary to what the media tells you, they do receive better care. Check your states listings. Also, he may qualify for Veterans Benefits to help pay for his care.
Nope not a veteran. All private pay, until last month when he finally qualified for long term care. I agree with the care at VA.
Jander, sounds like you have had a horrible experience. There certianly are still agencies around that care about the well being of seniors...it just may take more research to find one. My father too needed some sort of care but I was hesistant to send him to a nursing home. I researched in home care and stumbled across Home Care Assistance. The caregivers have been excellent and my dad has been happy ever since. I suggest you look into this alternative for yourself.
Jander, I am so sorry you're having such problems. You are not alone, and stories like yours are one reason I would recommend my book: The Insider's Guide to Dementia Care: What You Should Know About Assisted Living, Alzheimer's, and Dementia Care. It's available on amazon.com. Families need to know more about how to advocate for their loved ones in facilities. If you get the book, please let me know if it helps.


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