Elder Abuse: By the Elder against her Caregiver

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A friend of mine who lives in a residential care home is having behavioral problems. She is becoming abusive to her caregivers and becomes very vocal in the wee hours of the morning, waking the other ladies that live in the home. I'm afraid she is going to be asked to leave. She has been asked to leave a facility a few years back. Is there medical support for elders that help with adult behavior problems? Is there behavioral programs provided to the elderly that are covered by medicare; somewhat like speech therapy? My friend has Aphasia and I'm sure some of her behavior is a result of frustration of not being able to make herself understood.


pbrassfield.. why would your friend be asked to leave? these things happen.. some facilities might move her to a different room or change her activities. If she is starting early in the a.m then it would be best that at that time give her something to do. Of course shes frustrated. is speech therapy ordered by a doctor? if not, have your friends family talk to him about it.. there are other ways! this is what these places are for.. to get help for those that need it..if they arent equipped for individual needs, then who would be? I think it awful that they'd want to just boot her when its no fault of her own!!
She would be asked to leave because the other women have complained and one of them suggested that she might move to another facility. It happens mostly toward the end of the day and it escalates through the night. Last night she started yelling out at 2 a.m. and at 4 a.m. She had speech thereapy until the therapist determined she could do no more for my friend. Living in a home with 3 other woman more or less requires that they don't have adverse affect on each other. Even the caretakers need their sleep to care of them. I am hopeful there is some sort of rehab for her behavior. I just don't know who to contact.
I see what you're saying now, pbrassfield.. it sounds like your friend has Sundowners.. you can contact your local office of aging(adult social services) you can do this on your own! You can speak to a case worker about your friend with your concerns. She/he will take all the info. There are rehab centers, nursing homes, assisted living, all sorts of places. Calling social services was the best thing I ever did when I lived out of state and didn't know where to turn with my mother.
The administrator of the home is required to have her evaluated like KelleyBeansays. If she has to move to a different level of care, that is different than being asked to leave - it falls under rules and regulations of DHS and she needs an advocate

She is lucky to have you as a friend. Start with the local ombudsman program and tell them you are are searching for advice and information. They can help direct you - and are ususally in the same offices as the local Area Agency on Aging.

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