During her stay at a rehab facility, my mother suffered a horrible fall. A year later she was diagnosed with PTSD. She is now living with me

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and it is extremly difficult to transport her anywhere. She suffers much pain and discomfort and she is receiving hospice care. She needs therapy for this but I don't seem to be able to get anyone to do in-home visits. Does anyone have a solution or idea for this?


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Is she getting help for her PTSD? That, in itself, is a big issue.

Unfortunately, in-home therapists are way too rare. My area has one agency now, but they haven't been providing the service more than a couple of years.

I imaging you've tried every in-home agency and hospital to see if they have any therapists who go to homes.

You could go to your state Web site and find the aging services people. They may be able to guide you. Also, if you have an Area Agency on Aging, they may have ideas. The main thing is to keep digging, as this would help you so much.

Transporting is one of the hardest things for caregivers. I used to transport my father-in-law who was literally twice my weight and more than a foot taller than me. It was, needless to say, very difficult.

If the hospice people don't know anyone, however, it's likely your area doesn't have a provider who does this. I'm assuming you've talked with hospice about better pain management. Not all hospices are created equal. The ones I've worked with have been wonderful, but some may need some prodding.

I wish I had a magic answer for you, but I don't. Please keep in touch and let us know if you get help.

Our senior services and Visiting Nurse came to the house after mom fell. She had OT and PT for months. All of this was paid for by medicare. Ask her DR. to set it up for you. This service should be available after a hospital stay too. Mom had a new knee and had therapy before and after the operation. It was a Godsend!

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