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My sister and brother in law pressed charges against my husband for simple assault and harrassment when my husband shoved my brother-in-law out the door of our home when he was trying to push himself in after he was told to not trepass on our property. We have 5 witnesses and he has none. At the magistrate's hearing it seemed like there was a conflict of interest so today we asked for the hearing to be moved from the magistrate to downtown. My mother is our prime witness and lives with me. My sister has not seen her for two months and that is when her family was told to stay away from my home for her husband coming into our apartment several times with our 16 year old daughter home alone. So now my sister is going to court to try to either move my 81 year old mother from her home or get a court order to see her mother who wants nothing to do with her. They made this bed by pressing charges against my husband that is a total lie. Does anyone know anything about how you can force someone out of their home when you are not the cargiver. I totally hope her POA will be revoked Saturday by my uncle who is my mom's brother. My poor mother just wants to live her life in peace.


This sounds terrible. Your mom is the only one who can revoke the POA and give it to someone else.
Sounds like your mom needs a new family. What a horrible position for her to be put in. She needs protection for this entire situation.
From what I've read on this website, where there's fighting like this, there's money at stake.
It's a combination of guilt, jealousy and being a control freak and most importantly "GREED". How dare they treat me like they do after my family has taken care of her for 8 years. They have a social life, my family doesn't anymore. It's horrible to go upstairs each day and hope that mom is still alive. Unless you're a caregiver, you'll never understand the depth of how much it takes over your lives.
your BIL should not have such easy access to your home. It sounds like it is time to change the locks.
We did that already. He came in numerous times and my daughter was in various states of undress as she was just coming home from school. If he wanted to lock our main door as he claims, he could have done so from the outside and never entered the apartment. He was snooping, that's all he was doing and checking out a 16 year old and made her very uncomfortable.

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