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I need to find a website for the company that's been advertising on TV free diapers for incontinent people. It announces that the diapers are paid in full by Medicaid.


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I haven't seen that ad, but let's hope someone on this wonderful forum has. Anyone out there with some help?
Yes my mother just told me that this was on the news the other day. You are suppose to be able to go to everylittlebottom but it just redirects me to a huggies info page. I'm going to read up on it now.
yes, I saw it today on the tv, but I can,t find it on the computer.
Googlr activstyle
I haven't seen the commercial, but my husband got incontinent supplies for several years under Medicaid. Ours were delivered by Active Style. The Medicaid case manager should be able to tell you which supplier they prefer to use locally.
Grace Professional DME is a texas based Medicaid Incontinence supplier
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I do know someone who gets diapers through Activstyle paid for by Medicaid.
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Try central supply usa, they give diapers for free most times go to centralsupplyusa or call the at 972 422. 7800
Activistyle Beware - They used to be our supplier of Tranquility briefs through Ohio Medicaid but no longer used because they would send us old product that side tapes wouldn't stick and they would send wrong size briefs from time to time. Big headache if your up for games; so please beware of this company...
We are now using Walgreen's and started purchasing our briefs out of pocket for something called Abena Abri form. We priced these all over the internet and Walgreen's was cheapest at $20.99 per package - walgreens/store/c/abena-abri-form-x-plus-fitted-briefs/ID=prod6179986-product
These adult briefs are in my opinion rated the best for absorbency, fit and comfort and worth paying out of pocket for.

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