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Sometimes God uses events to shape and change us. I won't blame God for this, but I am profoundly changed by what occurred this morning. Our next door neighbor's Adult Foster Care Facility was completely devastated by fire this morning. Thank God all 8 people + 2 dogs got out alive. Thank God no one was seriously hurt. A firefighter's shoulder was hurt when a ceiling collapsed on him. The challenged elderly residents had been practicing fire drills recently, and each were brought out safely. Thank God.

I complain about my circumstances, at times, as you all know. But today, I think I will not complain at all. I thank God no one was hurt and lives were spared. I thank God my home and husband and son did not perish. I thank God I did not move my Mom into that situation. I think I'll think about this every time I look out my windows, walk or drive by. And when I want to complain about something, I think I'll just count my blessings, instead. I pray you'll count your blessings, today, as well. And while you're at it, please pray for those in need, including your own, thanking God for all the good he gives you each day.


Little things, I just walked outside, I do that alot. I work at a help desk and it is stressful, so I walk away every couple of hours to get a breathe of fresh air. I have Osteoporosis and Rheumetoid Arthritis but am thankful I have a wonderful doctor who gives me something for pain and I can walk. I am thankful for the fresh breeze, the trees swaying to Gods breeze making a song of leaves. I am thankful for the sun today, yesterday I was thankful for the rain. I am thankful I can take my mother to dfacs today to make sure she gets her 46.00 a month food stamps. Although I find it funny that anyone is expected to live on 46.00 worth of food a month. so what would she do without me. I am thankful I am a very strong capable person. Those trials have diciplined me to be so. I just opened a door as I was coming in for a person with her hands full she said thank you. I am thankful she was appreciative. I am thankful no one was hurt last night and that all lives are intact. I am thankful in this economy I have this job although sometimes I wonder about it. I am thankful I have Jesus in my heart so he can interpret what I need to say to God even tho I do not have the words. I am thankful I can think straight in a crisis and have common sense to rely on when things go awry, able to go to plan B or C on the turn of a dime. There are lots of things I wish I could change in my family but I am only one. I can only pray about them and hope that God finds me upright and smiles on me. I am thankful to be me, as I look around me and see those in my family that are so ignorant (do not understand) or don't want to understand or just don't care because I do care and I do understand and I am Thankful! Finally I sometimes get depressed because I feel so alone in this world but I like spending time with me even tho others don't. I know who I am and so does God.
Great thread Anne! Thank God everyone did get out alive at that facility. What a gift!!

For many of you know their are such extreme difficulties between my mother and I that have been lifelong. What I am grateful for is the stubbornness she taught me and the covering by God to be in their family (I'm adopted). It is by no accident that my father was a Godly man (although far from perfect). I can look back and say God took every wrong in my life and has made it right.

But the being so stubborn has been used for "good" not "evil" in my life. I have used that stubbornness to get through trials, lessons God wants to teach me, and a marriage I know will make it. I use it to take a stand for what is right and true. That is something I can never trade or never appreciate enough! Thank you God and mom at least for that blessing.

I could go on and on, but we'll let other reiterate what I already know deep down. Thanks Anne!
Dear Neon and Mitzi, thank you for contributing to this thread, and to my life. I am the richer for knowing both of you. You both add so much to so many lives on these threads, encouraging, uplifting, and loving others, and crying with them when needed
Wow caregivers!  I love your posts.  I always count my blessings everyday, for I know that things can always be much worse than we could ever imagine.  I count my blessings also that we have all found this site, and can share this time in our lives with others and learn from one another.  "I can look back and say God took every wrong in my life and has made it right", mitzi that is very true, when we have faith, he takes the "wrongs" and turns them into "rights". There is always something good that comes from something bad. God Bless you all, and have a great week, it's going to be a long one. Let's just count our blessings that it won't be longer LOL.
Maybe I should have my 12yr old daughter read these posts. I told her this morning that she needs to spend less time on her laptop, and tv, and spend more time studying so she can pass 7th grade. She got mad at me and said that I spend all day on the computer, and ignore her. I said how would you know, you are at school all day. She said well, you spend all weekend on the computer. I said no I don't I spend most of it cleaning crap off the toilet seat, and lately trying to fill out forms. She said well you ignore me. She forgets all the things I do for her but remembers what I haven't done for her lately. She should count her blessings she still has me LOL.
Dear sweet Naus, sounds like she's crying out for you. Hug her tight. Don't want to lose your baby to the "machine." I feel like I neglect my son, with hubby filling in huge gaps. He comes and brings me drawings and jokes. Won't last long...he's even talked to me about "turning off the Internet." So I'm preachin' at myself, too. She probably won't understand and appreciate this site like you do, due to a limited perspective and experience. Daughter needs you more than anyone or anything else. If you lose her, you've lost too much. You'll get the paperwork done in snatches. But she'll grow in leaps and bounds and won't wait around. NO one can replace mommy for your daughter. Go.............! (We'll wait for you, friend.)
OK, I have another blessing: Called my Mom, and she is in a good mood. Bout to fall off my chair. Praise the Lord! Think I'll shout! That's a huge blessing!!!
Thanks Anne, I am very close with my littlest baby. I adore her, and her sense of humor, and ability to lift me up when I'm feeling down. She is a blessing! I think she was trying to take her own guilt (of not following through on her responsibilities) and place it back on me. I'm familiar with that, we are all guilty of that. I brought the dog I adopted from my oldest daughter with me in the car to pick her up from school today. She loves it. This little dog has be therapeutic to us all, little fluff puff she is. I think my husband finally caved in and decided not to kick the dog out, since I have had her for almost two months now. Although, if the dog makes one wrong move, she will be toast. He won't admit he likes her, but he talks to her and plays fetch with her. I guess that's a small blessing LOL. Back to work, talk to you dear friends later.
I'm looking forward to more people posting blessings. Though, I didn't start out that way. When one is hurting, they look for relief, and for someone to commiserate with. The "Blessing" thread just may not stand to those in pain, unless they know to look and find comfort there...which gives me another idea...
Dear Naus, yes, that your husband plays with your dog is a blessing, since he wasn't too keen on the idea at first, if I remember correctly!? Those wonderful little creatures have a way of pulling at our heart strings, don't they? I love that you still call your daughter your "baby." (Talk about heart strings...) so precious! Thanks for sharing your blessings. Here's praying you have a very blessed day! Love you, my fellow Care-giving, online friend!

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