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Does anyone know if in Connecticut there is respite care or small housekeeping assistance for situations like mine? I am living with my mother in her home so that she can remain there herself. She has dementia, asthma, pacemaker, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. I do have the occasional adjunct instructor gig which doesn't pay much and am also a full time self-representing artist. She cannot be left alone for any stretch of time. It's getting harder and harder as she deteriorates. Her income is social security. Mine is erratic at best.

I tried to get oil heating payment help last year but the state had run out of money. *sigh* I am tired of help being dangled enticingly but when I reach out, there's nothing but smoke, mirrors and misdirection.

Thank you.


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Your last sentence will be echoed throughout the site. Most of us have had those experiences.

About finding a place, you can try or Type in the Zip code and see you see anything.

If not, try calling Social Services in the area where you want your mom. They maybe could suggest the kind of home you are looking for.
Good luck. This is wearing for you, I know. Please check back.
We have been entangled by the illusions of the smoke, mirrors and misdirection as well, and now find ourselves being swallowed by a tyrannical system. Thank God our souls are intact.
Thank you for the reference, Carol, I appreciate it.

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