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I would appreciate it if any of you could advise me on the following. I am executrix of my Dad's [DOD 3/12/06] estate, and Guardian to my Mom. The elderlaw attorney I am using said I will be receiving a commission for these roles. How is this commission computed? Is it a percentage? Also, shouldn't an elderlaw atty disclose this information to a client when hired? I am finding it very difficult to get answers to questions such as the one I have posed here. I feel the atty. is not as forthcoming as he should be. What are my rights? I have spent an enormous amt of my own time AND MONEY $$$ fulfilling my responsibilities as executrix and guardian.What is the best way(s) to organize paperwork [legal, medical, custodial, etc.]; I feel so overwhelmed at times. I am open to any suggestions that can streamline my efforts. I have not worked in 2 yrs, the time I have devoted to each of the aforementioned roles has taken a significant amount of time away from conducting my job search. Do I have any recourse for wages lost? TY for your anticipated advise........MermaidPeg

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