Chronic suicidal ideation in caregivers

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If anyone else suffers from this and in interested in forming an on-line support group -- I'll set it up so it isn't hosted on this site as this isn't my site to manage--please send me a PM and I'll send you my email. Thanks.


As Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) would say, "That's right friendly of ya'."

Really, that's a great idea and there's probably a need for such help. Thank you for volunteering your time.

God bless all the caregivers that are stressed to this point. May they find other ways to cope.
Dear meallen,

Thinking of you. I know its super hard on so many dedicated and loving caregivers. I know we all need an extra shoulder to lean on. Proud of you for recognizing this and offering additional supports to posters here. Sending you love and hugs.
It's very interesting to me that I come across your post at this I have just recently learned there is a difference between suicide ideation and suicidal thoughts. Many moons ago, another lifetime ago, I attempted suicide and have since become a VERY large supporter in Suicide Prevention awareness. I believe there is much more awareness NOW than there was that lifetime ago (Y) but we need to continue on this path of becoming more aware of issues surrounding this subject. I would be interested in joining a group you described. Would you do it on FB? That seems like a good point? How will you contact me?
Everything I've read says they are one and the same. Ideation=thoughts.

Would you mind sharing what you've learned that differentiates the two?

For anyone interested, Wikipedia has a very thorough breakdown on the subject of Suicidal Ideation. (Too much to copy for this space.)
I will PM my email to anyone interested in this, and then start a secret FB page. If people email me back with their fb contact, I'll add them.

Since there seems to be some interest, I will leave the OP up for a while.

Chronic, in my case means for 58 years. It is manageable, for me, obviously. {g}

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