Caring for my 85 yr old father WWII Veteran/need financial asstance

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On SS retirement only and now I have lost my job and on unemployment. He has Good Pasture's and kidneys shut down. He cant drive or live alone. I have tried getting his VA pension but the told us he makes too much on SS retirement (1600) a month. Well we are having a rough time, his meds are over $600 a month. I am hitting all brick walls when I try govt agencys. The govt does not take care of their veterans in this country. They would be ashame of themselves. If anyone has any pointers, Please Help


Here is what I would do... Check with your state Department of Aging or local Area Agency on Aging(every state has one). In Georgia, they are a part of the Department of Human Services, but each state sets them up differently. I would start with the Dept of Human Services and/ or the Department of Family and Children Services, and see if they will give you the phone number if you can't find it easily in the phonebook or on the internet. Good luck and God bless!
Just found a new website... it won't help in GA, but it might apply to you... Good Luck!
Is he going to a VA doctor? It's much, much less expensive than outside health care. (Most prescriptions are $9 a month or so). If he does - or if he starts going, talk to his VA social worker (each clinic is assigned one for the patient's seen by that clinic) and ask about "Veteran's Aid and Assistance". Also, with the VA, no matter how much you make, the co-pay is based on income minus the out-of-pocket medical expenses (including outside doctor/dentist/prescriptions/home health aides and devices, etc of the whole family living with the veteran.)
You can ask for veterans affairs and apply for aid and
assistance,, this is different from a pension.. what about
My dad is being cared for by my twin sister and my mom. They are both thieves and drug user. My dad is a VA WW2 . They are taking his money and not taking him to the doctors, when he has been sick., he has barley eaten a sandwich. What can I do to get them kicked out so I can properly care for him and have a place to stay seeing my boyfriend and I are homeless?
LRoye - great comment. He doesn't have to receive VA retirement or disability to use the clinic or get aid. When my WWII veteran father was in TN, the American Legion in his area helped him with all VA-related matters. They were wonderful.

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