Caring for grandmother, end of life imminent

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Hello everyone- I am so new to this, and I am so overwhelmed. I flew to the Caribbean 2 days ago with my mother, to basically give palliative care to my gran, 83, whose kidneys are basically failed (8%). This is horrifically emotionally draining and exhausting. She's not eating at all, her body is becoming toxic, and we all know this is the end. Recommendations not to put her in a hospital as it is palliative, and could literally be any minute...or a month.. I have no one else here, so I'm here 24/7. I just needed a space to grieve out loud as I'm trying to be so strong for gran and my mum...while toiletting gran, spoonfeeding her, having her cry on me.

Thank you for listening.



Hi Dee, there is support here. Keep breathing and allow yourself to adjust to this experience. Also be open to asking for help. It took me a while to learn to ask for help. Jerome
Thank you for responding Jerome. I think that by focussing on tasks...feeding, etc. - will keep me distracted from the hour at a time. I think I need to read some posts on here for others' experiences.
Dear Atmadiva, God bless your sweet heart for stepping in to help. You are truly an angel. Just know you are not alone, and this will not be forever. Take one day at a time. Good luck to you, and let us know how you are doing.

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