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I feel very relieved to of found this sight. I spend many nights up so to have away to vent my thoughts and feelings and to be able to share with others in the same situation is a true blessing.

I have been caring for my Mom for a couple of years now. But the last six months have been really hard. She has been diagnosed with sever spinal stenosis and manic with phycotic episodes. But since July 4, her health continues to go down her spine is collapsing and her mobility is very poor. It takes to two to get her up now and she can only sit in a chair all day. And it is sad she seems to of lost all interest. She use to love to read and now her vision is failing also. I have tried everything I know but it is hard to lift her spirits. The hospital bed came this week and everytime she has to give up one more thing she seems to go deeper into herself. She endures a tremdous amount of pain constantly everyday. The doctors have tried several procedures but so far none has worked. We go next week for another procedure this one is suppose to have a better success rate. So I am praying that it will all work out.


Hey Kimberly0220,

My Mom also suffers from severe spinal stenosis for many years. She had spinal injections years ago when it first started. They helped for a while. Now she does have other medical issues but her doctor just put her on a pain patch. It is called Fentanyl. It goes directly on her skin and lasts for 3 days then you change it. She says it takes the edge off for the pain. You can ask her doctor. It is a narcotic so you need a prescription. My mom has also had some vision problems lately and is missing being able to read the paper everyday and she does get depressed very easily lately, She says she wants to die so that even makes her more depressed since she is still here.
This site is the best. You can vent and everyone understands because we are all in the same boat.
Hope I was able to help with some ideas.
Keep is the best we can do.
Dear Ladies, my Mom was on Fentanyl, and it can be a dangerous drug. She blacked out behind the wheel of her car, hit a truck, and was hospitalized. She wasn't badly hurt, and the other driver wasn't either, but I have since learned to hate this drug, the more I learned about it. She has had back pain for years, and used to abuse alcohol for over 50 years. She also took Codeine, Tylenol, Librium, etc. I wasn't sure about her back pain always, but thought she was an addict all my life. She was taking so much Fentanyl, (200 mcg) her speech was slurring, and she was sleeping a lot. She lost lots of weight. I became Guardian, switched doctors, and the new one weaned her off Fentanyl. Praise God! It was killing her. She tends toward depression as well. Fentanyl is not only a narcotic, but can be very addictive as well. She was needing more and more to get the same effects. Her hospital consulting Physician said she's lucky she only hit a truck, and would kill herself if she kept taking it at that level. Mom still has back pain, but no more Fentanyl. She does take Codeine, though. But she is doing better now that she's off the Fentanyl. She looks better, gained some weight back, and sounds better. But that was not a good med for my Mom. Scary, actually.

Sorry to hear about your Mom's pain. What a horrible condition to have. I'm not a medical doctor, and don't mean to give advice. Just sharing our experience, and hope she gets the help she needs. Bless you for looking after her.
My mother is driving me crazy. She called tonight to say she was going to yet another "doctor." And insurance won't pay for it... What? She only went to 3 different appointments last week. She is literally going to doctors at this rate every week. First she was told she had spinal stenosis. Then a little scoliosis. Then degenerative disc disease, and bulging discs. She has numbess and tingling in her legs and arms. And she's still on Tylenol with Codeine. If she ever tries to go back on Fentanyl, I'll go down and dump them down the drain. But she just got diagnosed with breast cancer 1 1/2 weeks ago, and needs surgery asap. And they found cysts on her kidneys. All this! And she's going from doc to doc trying to get relief for her back. The copays and deductibles are killing her budget and my patience. What a nightmare! I don't know what to do for her. Help! She and we can't go on like this.
My dad also has bulging discs, neuropathy, numbness in his finger tips, and arthritis in his back. Do you think the neuropathy and numbness is due to maybe alzheimers? I have to make him a neurologist appt when insurance kicks in April first. I have read this, but I'm not sure. One doctor suggested surgery, but it is risky, especially at his age. I guess I will have to see. He refuses to take any pain meds. He is not complaining much anymore about his physical pain anymore, is this normal? I'm entering the twilight zone, not sure what to expect. I have done a lot of reading on the subjects but he is so different from other people that sometimes I don't know if it is the alzheimer's type or not. I guess brain MRI will tell more. Oh well. Have a good night everyone! Sweet dreams! Talk to you tomorrow. Hugs! Nauseated
Dear Kimberly, praying for your Mom and you as well. What is the procedure she'll be having? Let us know how it works out, will you?
Thanks everyone for your response.

Tuesday 03/24/09 she had a transforminal epidural they also injected some Fentanyl.

But here we are it is Saturday and the pain is worst than ever. Nothing seems to be working right today. She just cannot get her legs going and the pain is horrible. We have her on frozen peas for pain and hot towels all day.

I have had to solicited help from everywhere today we nearly feel first thing this morning my niece came and help me get her to her chair. And then my brother came by for awhile to help me get her to the bathroom and to bed for a nap. Thank God she is napping now. She has not been able to sleep ever since the injection and I am so tired. It is just like little short cat naps.

We have company I will finish later.

Thanks for all your support it means so much to me.

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