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I live in Mississippi and take care of my mom with Alzheimers. She lives with me and my dad pays me to take care of her. The problem is that he is getting low on funds and it is difficult for him to make it month to month while paying for her care. He has land he is trying to sell but his cash flow is making him have to stretch every month. Does anyone know if there is any kind of caregiver assisstace allowance in the state of Mississippi? I have searched on the internet and I find almost every state but Mississippi. Imagine that! What a great governor we have, so concerned with his elderly population!! Please help!


im not sure, far as I know, there's no assistance allowance
It's crazy how much briefs and pads and other stuff like that can cost monthly. My dad is on a tight budget but he still has to provide all that plus keep up with everything he needs at his house. When Mom first moved in with us, Medicare was providing bedpads but then they stopped paying for them. It can really add up!!
We caretakers should ALL take time to write letters - yes, letters do get noticed - to our congresspersons.

We might point out that ultimately we save the government money, and a little remuneration coming our way would raise our spirits and help us to renew our efforts.

I know who my reps in the house and senate are. If you don't, look here: and I think it also helps to follow up your letter with a phone call.

Keep this may need it again when a crucial vote comes up.
I am in the same situation as bensionsgirl and we are struggling to have food in the house. I quit my well paying position about two years ago to stay home and care for my Mother. Since then, our financial situation has changed dramatically from the death or her spouse who was in a nursing home. Now she only collects survivors benefits instead of collecting her social security too! I will definitely write my congress person, however, the resolution to our situations will be a long drawn out process I'm afraid. I do not get paid...... not a dime from any family member. When I had planned a week away for a long overdue break, I priced in-home care. The caregiver's are paid from $18.00 to $25.00 an hour for non-medical care! My siblings owe me a great deal of money and support. I have had two breaks over the last two and a half years, one week and two and a half days. Someone, somewhere needs to do something to help us! All of us!
Ditto for Massachusetts. Dad has Parkinson's. I take care of him 24/7 for 2 yrs. now, and he takes care of the bills. We get help from subsidised oil to heat house, discount on electric. discount on RE taxes, and other senior citizens discounts. We own the house. It is still not enough. I cannot work outside the home.
In MN I have known of a disabled woman who was able to pay her spouse for assistance she needed using state or Federal monies as is often done for people to pay their PCA's to support and keep them Independent in their home vs nursing home placement or more expensive agency based homecare. I don't recall how unfortunately because I need that now myself. My wife had to give up her teaching job. The State would find it much cheaper to support a little rather than a household with no employment income and etcetc...

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