CNA Abuse. There is a CNA at my Mother's Assisted Living who has been verbally abusive.

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There is a CNA at my Mother's Assisted Living who has been verbally abusive to my Mother and me. She is very overbearing, hateful, loud, rough talking, has a temper, argumentative, lazy, has been caught sleeping on the job, etc. I reported her to the Supervisor's a couple of months ago. I told them at the time, I was afraid the CNA would seek revenge towards my Mom after they talked to her. They assured me their investigation would be private. Of course, it was obvious to me, by her actions, the CNA knew who reported her, and so it wasn't much of a secret. This CNA’s persona is very sweet when anyone of authority is around, like a Jekyll and Hyde. I had asked the supervisor’s if it would be possible for them to transfer her to another area. Nothing like this happened. They seem hesitant to do anything. At almost $4,000 a month, my Mother deserves better! I am there more often and longer than any of the other visitors, so have been able to observe more of what is going on. Of course, it is my word against hers since I have no proof, as she makes sure there are no witnesses to hear her abusive behavior. I do know she has been turned in for sleeping on the job from another person who observed her. So, this week, I was bringing my Mother back from an outing, and this CNA verbally attacked me out- of- the- blue about something very minor. I was in shock. With her angry persona, I am worried she might be doing something physically harmful to my Mother when no one is around. My Mother is very fragile, and has mild Dementia. I plan to talk to her Supervisor’s again, which will only make matters worse, but I have no other choice. As my Mother’s advocate, her safety and welfare is the most important. I have had no problems with any of the other CNAs. They are all great and very professional. Any advice, comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I know what I would do - try to record her on my phone or take a video of her care with your mom on the phone. Don't tell me its illegal, it isnt my fault the camera started up on its own! Lol... Seriously it wont be long before her karma runs out and another family will report her.
Thanks tonio999. Good idea!!!!
Keep a notebook of all your experiences with her and observations of her with your mom and others. Put date and time on each note. It is still your word against hers, but it has more weight if it is written down at the time it happens.

Thanks for the notebook idea. I will start doing this.
Someone in my caregivers' support group has done this for the 3 or 4 years her husband has been in care. Often she has compliments to report now, but she had a lot of problems to iron out with the supervisors to begin with.
Thanks again. I just started my notebook observations tonight. I'm finding this to be an excellent idea.

How did this person approach the supervisor's? Did she show them her notes? And they responded well to them? So, glad she was able to straighten things out with them.
I have an update to my post on CNA Verbal Abuse at my Mother's Assisted Living.

The CNA I discussed was fired last week! I am relieved she will no longer be working there. And tonio999 you were correct about her Karma running out!!!!
Every State has a Long Term Care Ombudsman that looks out for the rights of residents residing in nursing homes. Unfortunately until the law markers are placed in a nursing home ( so no ones knows who they are) for 60 days will the laws ever change to look out for the innocents in our country that are at the mercy of the staff in these facilities.
Dear Zoe, go online to Amazon, and buy a spy camera, place it in a place where nobody will suspect is there(take one of your sons or nephews, so they can set it) and since you already file a complaint about this matter whatever kind of abuse done to your Mom on this camera you will be able to use it against this facility and file a sue against them, that's the only way these people learn to respect elders.
What type of spy camera are referring to specifically? I was under the impression that it was illegal to use camera's in nursing homes or that they could not be used in court but I must be wrong?!

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