CHF in the winter.....HELP!!!!

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My mom started to get cold in the late summer. Now it is in the high 40's outside during the afternoon, and will be in the low 30's at night. She is freezing her ars off! She took a real body slam of a broken hip this summer, and really hasn't been the same since. She is angry at the thermostat! She is afraid of heating costs (still making up for LAST winter), and thinks if the thermostat says 70, that should be enough.

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This is really sad. Does your area have subsidized heating for low income people? Many cold weather states do. I'd check into that. Maybe if she knows she can get help she will be willing to stay warm. A broken hip, as you say, is a huge blow to the body. Even when the bones heal, there has been trauma that takes a long time. Do try agencies in your area and see if someone can help with her heating bills.

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