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I'm not sure what the question is KarenBeth, but there are many Bipap machines in use. Some are easier to use than others, so some research should be done.

The one I got Dad hooked up to is fairly easy. It is ramped for 45 minutes to reach his "prescription" of 10/5. He does good while ramping up, but when full pressure is on, he gets frustrated and feels like he is gasping. Called the Dr. to see about changing his prescription and they weren't helpful. He has an appt. on Dec. 23 with the dr who prescribed it, so maybe he should just do the best he can until then? He makes it through about three "ramp" sessions, then wants the mask off. I am trying to get him to at least try for 30 days (because of medicare and humana), but am worried he won't any suggestions?

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