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Are there any books on best practices in bringing an elderly parent into your home? As a single 'eldest daughter' with no children of my own, I want to make this possible in a way that allows me to continue working a full time job and laying the foundation for my own old age while being 'near and helpful' as Mum gets older - she is almost 90, still quite able but hearing and sight are declining and she will be leaving her community in another city to come to my city where she will not have her friends around her. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing but want the best for her.


Boundaries, rules and a good support group to start. Can you set her up with an elder group that has activities? Don't let her have you become her social group. You will never get out from under. My mom tried that. I have a life and won't give it up. She does not like it, but that is the way it goes. Senior groups have classes and even transportation for those who want to participate. Call your DR. and hospital and get the ball rolling on the services in your area.
It would be a good idea to set some rule and boundaries. Also, if you are working full-time will you need help taking care of your mother then? Perhaps you should look into live-in care.


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