Before rehab, my mother used to be able to get out of bed, use a walker and the bathroom. Since she left her legs are so weak she can't even get up.

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Before rehab, my mother was able to get out of bed & use a walker and use the bathroom. At rehab they did not push that. They said they could not force her. They sent her home and did not tell me about this only that she needed constant care.
I am now trying to get her a hospital bed, but her legs are so weak now she refuses to try to get up. This was all in about 6 weeks

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Obviously, rehab didn't do her much good. I would talk to her doctor about getting another round of rehab with very explicit instructions. Also, check your aging services on your state's Web site. They may be able to direct you to some in-home rehab (don't expect it, but sometimes it works).

Good luck with this. You need to look at aging services offered in your area anyway, as you will need help.

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