Awwwwwwww Lawwwwwddd my mom wants to come live with me now!!!

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If you don't know my story, my mom had a bad stroke @ 90. She lives in her own home with in home care 12 hours Mon-Fri. My sister, brother-n-law, and 2 children live there in her home, (been there 16 years). Sister has POA.

Mom called and said the garage roof is coming apart, pieces flying off, (I've seen this when she and I do gardening) and that she's gonna have to put a new roof on there. She said she wants to move because she doesn't want to keep putting money into the house. I had to agree with her, personally she needs peace now, not worry about what that house needs. I'm thinking she's finally gonna say she wants to go to a NH and then she hit me with this:

She said that she wants to come and live with me. I said "HUH", mom repeated herself.

Too many potholes for me on this road of misery. I am just now building up the strength to fight those FOG feelings and personally I'm not about to turn my house into a modern day version of the TWILIGHT ZONE!


oh my !! what ya gonna do now ?? bet ur sister s flippin floppin around ... bet shes saying where would we go >>? oh yes move in with ya too hahaha .
When I go over Sunday I'm gonna talk to my mom. Ive told her all along to sell her house, and take the proceeds and live in a nice NH. I really think she is seeing things very differently now, of course she can still be manipulated by sis but I know she doesn't want to be bothered with all that xtra fix-it BS.

Don wanna sound cruel but there is no way she can move in with me, just ain't gonna happen.
i dont blame u one bit , hope shes all for it by going to nh , prayin for u guys xoxo
Tell you what, at 90 she shouldn't have to fix anything. Let her deadbeat kids do it. After all, they've been her dependent for years now. Funny. She should move. Then sell the house out from under the low rent payers. Let them fix the roof if they want to stay. Poor your mom. I feel for her. She didn't get the prize, did she? Pamela, you don't need to take that on, especially with your sister as POA. Time for sissy to grow up and be responsible, without mommy subsidizing her.

Hey, how's the yard sale prep going?

Hi Miz. How's all?

And KB (miss you), Rep (wrote earlier, xo), Bobbie, welcome home! Karen, how are you?
hi pam! your posts here really make me laugh.. i guess i love your company heheeh! Happy weekend dear!@ you surely add flavor to my online life! lol..
mhmarfil thank you so much for that compliment. I think humor conquers all, and in my business you'd better laugh or you'll go crazy, same situation here.

Tnx. SS and no mom didn't get the prize, that's a wonderful way to put it but she must be realizing that her quest for life will not strenghen by remaining in her home however my quest for life will deteriorate if she comes to live with me.

She may just be filling me out to see what I say, who knows whats lerks in their minds.

In any event everything is ready for the yard sale. This will be the first yard sale I've had in about 15 years and I'm a little worried, but I'm still looking forward to it. I just hope I won't have to haul this stuff back in.
on the last day of yard sale sell em cheap ! dollar bag ... so most of the stuff would been gone then .
Well, Pamela, have an awesome sale! First day of Spring! That should bring some people out! Tell em, "Let's make a deal!" Play some nice music, have a blast!

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