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Today AgingCare has released a new version of the Caregiver Forum. In addition to stylistic changes to make the forum match the rest of the site, there are two new features we are excited to share with you!

1) New Menu: You will now be able to navigate through questions and discussions by topic via the menu along the left-hand side of the Forum’s home page (

2) Edit Tool: Most importantly, we have released a new tool that will allow you to edit your newly posted questions, discussions and answers. Upon submitting a new piece of content, you will have 30 minutes to proofread what you have written and make edits to all fields in your post. After this 30-minute period, the editing ability will expire in order to minimize confusion for other users who are trying to search the forum and share information.

We hope you are pleased with these updates and additions. The forum may now look different, but it functions largely in the same way. If you find any glitches or experience significant challenges while using the site, please feel free to report your findings on this discussion.


I'm very pleased that we now have an edit function, and thank you so much for that. I haven't used it yet, as there are other problems:

1. The font in the answer box is disproportionately small, as a stand alone feature as well as in comparison to the already posted answers. The edit function will be necessary as I have to either enlarge when posting or lean over and squint. My back is already hurting!

This needs to be addressed ASAP. It's just too hard for me to post with the disparate font sizes.

2. Before discovering comment no. 1, I found that I had to reduce the font size of the existing posts b/c they were so disproportionately large that it was too hard to read. It was like seeing everything through a magnifying glass.

3. While this doesn't bother me b/c I don't read the ads, they too are now small. I think the problem is the font size of the answers.

4. I too have lost my personal account feed and as yet have found no way to access it. That's a major and significant loss.

I think I'll depart for a while and give the tech people time to straighten this out. It's just not worth squniting to post then backing off to read.

Okay, now I can't even get this message to post.

Okay, finally got my plea posted but now I can't find the edit function. Typically it would be at the bottom of the post but I see no way to edit. Help??

However, the format and disparate font size problems seems to have been corrected. THANK YOU!
Hi GardenArtist,

You can access the edit function via the pencil icon with the word "Edit" next to your username. This will appear on your original posts, answers and comments. Once you click on this, your post will open up in an editable text box, allowing you to make your changes. After you're finished editing, simply click the blue "Apply Edits" button.

If you are referring to the account box that used to occupy the right hand side of the page, you can still access this information by clicking on your avatar in the top right area of the navigation bar. You can also get there through the "My Account" link in the drop-down menu (three white lines) to the left of the AgingCare logo.

I hope this helps!

test of the posting system
Well, this is going to save me tons of time, because I simply won't be on the forums anymore. I'll come back in a week or so and see if things have straightened out. Otherwise, Good Bye.

The one feature of the last batch of changes that got the most criticism was the formatting of the articles. So now the entire site is in that disliked format. What are you thinking?

Sorry, but this is just not something I want to deal with.
Glitch! Glitch! Both the iPad and kindle are unable to access any of the threads. It takes too long to open onto the discussion. When it finally does, it only opens to the original question. I'm unable to see any comments or scroll icons..... The Newsfeed opens up fine after accessing it only through my profile. I see people posting. But I can't access all the others comments.
AC Editor, thanks, but there's no pencil icon next to my name. I was able to access my profile and the news feed though, and thank you for the tips on those issues.

But there's obviously a problem with the font sizes and the formatting. As I'm typing now, the format is the previous format, stable and readable.

Alternately, and I never know when this will happen, the font is several times larger and only shows the original post of a thread as well as the posting box.

I can't read other's posts as I'm typing a response without opening another window and switching back and forth. Not only is that a nuisance, but it's hard on these old 72 year old eyes. I've already got eye strain.

Bookluver is apparently having the same problem of being unable to see other comments, so I don't think it's limited to iPad or Kindle access.

Perhaps these changes could be made at night or other down times, or just shut the forum for a day or so while all the glitches are worked out.

As has Jeanne, I've quickly lost interest in even trying to wade through all the glitches and irritations with font sizes.
I think the site is having growing pains GA, I had a real headache trying to log in and navigate this afternoon. Hopefully they will get all the glitches ironed out without driving us all crazy. Maybe they should wait till the new year?
AC has recommended to come here....bringing this up to the top, is there no following this thread feature anymore?

So, I came here, to report to AC:

Complaint: OLDER POSTS ARE POPPING UP RANDOMLY 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 years ago!
This website is already very full of info.

I recommend an Archive feature by topic.

My husband says:
Reviving the sanitized lazarus posts may make moderation easier for AC moderators,
but my hubs says the forum should be allowed to progess organically. Otherwise, it leads to churn and stagnation.

My husband says you AC, will understand what he said.

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