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Long story short, I quit my career to care for father, DH is self employed, have struggled to pay escalating premiums. 2018 current insurance premiums for self employed are not even attainable on our income. This year I find myself with no insurance.

Have any of you participated in the "Catastrophic Health Insurance" offered by religious organizations? These are high deductable, health insurance to protect against major mishaps, mayhem, cancer, etc. This is exactly what we need at the present until we get old enough for Medicare.

Has anyone on here done this? Experiences? Comments?

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I know of two:  and

Both have very affordable health care premium levels. One requires church membership. I don't belong to either. I tried to enroll in the one that didn't require church membership but they didn't seem to want to follow up and help me with the enrollment. Maybe I wasn't Christian enough. So, I just dropped it.

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