VA Aid and Attendance - the saga continues.

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Ive been trying to get Aid and Attendance for my WWII vet dad now for one year and a half. He's been denied. We've appealed, and then it was approved and denied. He is also married. The reasons for his denial are that his income exceeds the limits of 23k or thereabouts for he and his wife; however, his expenses clearly outweigh his income as they are approximately 69K for assisted living for both. They provide no reason for denying his wife - they simply say 'deffered". I contacted the congressman for the area and this did not help. I was referred to another congressman in Tampa who now pawned it off on the congressman in St. Pete. The VA clearly made a mistake and will not admit it and will not provide Aid and Attendance for his wife. The VA officer has fought many times and they keep denying it. Does anyone have a good VA attorney in the Tampa or St. Pete area that can assist with this? or does anyone have any other suggestions. The VA has been supplied with all paperwork required and is stalling. They also owe us back pay for a year a half ago.


The process with the VA is very slow. Hang in there!
You should contact the Veterans Administration in your county. They are your advocate.
The VA, like most government agencies, is an expert at stalling and paperwork. It is pretty obvious to me - they are just hoping the veteran will pass away and no benefit will have to be paid. I am also in the process at this time. Now they have gotten me mad so I will jump through their hoops while my Mother does not get this benefit that the government has set up for veterans and their widows. SO TYPICAL.
These lawyers aren't in Flordia, but Baltimore....Bergmann-Moore at or call them toll free at 877-838-2889
They helped with my husbands claim in Oklahoma. It did take a long time, but they got it.
I used these people but they arent in your area. Send them an email and I am sure they can help...
www.elderbenefitsconsulting (Dot Com)
i read over these caregiver thoughts cuz it makes me feel better but i've been deleting alot cuz i don't have time. tonight i saw the aide and attendance and i know what ur talking about. i've been fighting them too. about 2 yrs now. my husband is 100% service connected and we've been denied and appealed and denied and we can't even get them to give us a lift. it's like they've made up their minds he would be better off in a nursing home and maybe so but as long as we both want to be at home we're gonna fight...and that's what we're doing. last thursday our va rep was told we are a home based care and we are not..they lied to her and now it seems like they want me to talk on the phone in conference calls and everyone has to check with everyone. i haven't gotten to senators but thanks for the ideas. let's give 'em hell. i live in texas but was raised in brandon, fla. KEEP IT UP. i've found out if we weren't va connected we could qualify for everything. isn't that ironic.
See the site above I sent you, they can tell you via email if you qualify immediately. If you have a caregivers contract, money out usually is more than money coming in, hence, you qualify. good luck
Thks again for all your help!

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