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Many times we aren't aware of our daily thoughts and how they can impact our overall well being. Our thoughts and feelings are projected by the words we use and the tone we use when saying them. The thoughts we think will either tear us down or build us up. If we don't take control of our thoughts we can even be terrorizing ourselves and zap our energy. Thoughts such as "No matter what I do it's never enough" leaves us feeling like were not good enough which in turn only makes us feel like giving up. If we replace that thought with "I always do my best to care for my _____, leaves us feeling good about what we are doing and that in turn gives us a sense of accomplishment and supports our feeling good. As caregivers we find ourselves giving lots of love to the ones we are caring for and now we need to show love to ourselves as well. Lets see how many ways we can come up with to give ourselves this love.. How many ways can we add to this sentence to complete it.. "I love myself therefore..

I love myself therefore I take a bubble bath when everyone is in bed.
I love myself therefore when I make a mistake I forgive myself and others.

Now it's your turn...


This morning even though I've already felt the stress of caring for my father I am thankful to have him still with me in my life.
I am really thankful I made those energy bars yesterday because this morning breakfast was a breeze!
I love myself therefore today I choose to release all fears and doubts.
i love myself therefore i am able to get up and cook breakfast for pa :-)
now its laundry , dishes , blah blah , i just appreciated that i am able to do it all .
lalalaaaa ...
I approve of myself even if I fall short of what others expect of me. I approve of myself even if I have a bad day I know this is going to happen from time to time. I love myself therefore I take care of my needs as well as others in my family.
I remember something I heard the Dali Lama say that heartens me when things are overwhelming. "If there's a solution to the problem, don't worry. If there's not a solution to the problem, don't worry." I find this affirming because it reminds me that I am someone who finds and applies solutions. And if there is no solution, there are no grounds for me beating myself up.
I think the most common mistake we all make that completely zap our energies are criticism and fear. We can actually be terrorizing ourselves with our thoughts by repeating them to ourselves over and over. For example the "what ifs" the best way to combat these thoughts is to make a conscious effort to pay attention to what we are thinking throughout the day. These negative thoughts only support our fears making them control how we feel about what we are doing in life. As soon as we catch ourselves in a negative thought we can say to the thought... Cancel cancel, then follow up with the affirmation "I choose new thought patterns to support me and calm my fears"

If we have a tendency to thinking the "what ifs" with regard to our parent or whomever we are the caregiver for we can create so much fear that it not only affects us mentally, emotionally but physically. Here is some of my favorite affirmations to combat the "what ifs"

My loved one is safe and I am at peace.
I am safe and care for all my needs.
I replace my fears with love

I've also found that in my own experience as a Caregiver that this affirmation supports how I feel about the one I care for and how they in turn feel about me..

I love my _______ therefore everyday I am learning new ways of looking at the crazy things he/she says and does. I pray dear God please help me to see this person and everything about this situation differently. And the list can go on and on but this is a good place to start.
Today I am thankful that Hurricane Irene passed us by. I am praying for the rest of you further up the coast and hope that you and your loved ones are safely sheltered from the storm.
Last night I started a "Gratitude Journal" and I was amazed by how many things I have to be grateful for in my life! I would highly recommend that we all do this to help pull ourselves out of the overwhelming depression that can set in as we continue to care for others. We can all be grateful for something in our lives. Focusing on something positive can lift our spirits and revitalize our energies.
I always get the help I need. The Universe supports me and my loved ones and I are safe. When I feel that I am carrying to much on my shoulders I am reminded not to try to do it alone. I comfort others and they comfort me in return. I make it a point to see and appreciate what I do have in my life and be grateful. There is always something to be grateful for. No matter how bad things can get there is always hope if we seek the path of love.

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