Adult children sue caregiver and get unpleasant surprise.

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This article appeared on this site 5/15/2015. The court Transcript was attached. I thought I had saved the Transcript and I didn't. Could the attorney John Roberts possibly locate the transcripts to this lawsuit and send it to me or post it again? The article stated that the adult children got Unpleasant Surprise

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Sad. Just incredibly sad how greed destroyed so many people in the end.
Thank you so much. I will give this to my attorney for my file. I am sickened by what his kids did to me. I was with his sister from Germany and they stood between us. They were afraid I might tell someone what they were doing. They were not going to allow that. I was out of respect for my Love, not bring up any issues. It was not the right place to do it. She could not speak English so did not know what they were doing. You would have been disgusted by it. I feel terrible as I never got to speak with her. We have our way of talking slow . She had English in school. It is required in Germany. She probably thought I was ignoring her. Then they had a family get together at the sons house afterwards, I was not invited. She probably thought I was ignoring her. I am so sad. This is unbelievable. I cried all night. Then my flight back home, I wore sunglasses so people could not see my swollen eyes. I pray the Courts will see favorably on my care for her brother. I loved him so much. I would never ever seek another relationship after this. I loved him dearly and will by the time I die, somehow get them to understand they their not wishing to see their father on his deathbed was totally juvenile and not what a mature man or women should do to their father. They talked his grandson into not bringing his FIRST Great Grandchild to see him before he died or for my Love to not see the child. Someday that will come back to bite them. I know it will.
Oregon Girl, get the best revenge of all. Find a way to forgive them for their part gnorance and abuse. Karma, in this world or the next, is a b*tch.

To Blannie's, thank you for finding that. Bittersweet.
You could write a letter in English and have it translated into German to send to his sister to set the record straight. You wouldn't even have to mention the children and all of their horrible dealings. Just tell her you loved her brother and you're so sorry he passed and that you'd love to stay in touch with her. Don't mention the kids. Keep it between you and her and your love for her brother.

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