Adult Foster Care, good idea but there are some problems.

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My mother is in an adult foster care home with 7 other women. It's clean, they are well fed and it is generally a great place. My mother is paying $2600 for a shared room. Of course by the time they tack on some of their charges for cleaning her when she is soiled and a few other things, she pays about $3000. Things have been going well until just recently. They have moved a terminally ill woman into my mothers room, basically now she is comatose. They have repeatedly told my mother that this woman is dying. They come into the room in the middle of the night to check on this woman's oxygen, which keeps my mother up all night and they turn on the overhead light several times a night to check on her. My mother has started to have nightmares and tries to get out of her bed, they charge us everytime she gets up in the middle of the night. There is no separation in the room like in a hospital wih a curtain and separate lights. I am very distressed over this and all they tell my sister is this lady will die soon and then we won't have this problem any longer. I do not think that is the answer. I am wondering where to check and see if this is legal, it certainly is not appropriate. My mother lives there with the fear of them hauling her out in th middle of the night so they can remove this woman who has passed. My sister is at her wits end and I do not know what we can do.


Sounds like a bad situation. Why would anyone place a dying person in foster care? Wouldn't Hospice be a more suitable choice? Has this dying woman been in the foster home before she became terminal? I don't know if it is illegal, but it certainly sounds inappropriate.
She is in Hospice care there. She was brought in about 3 days before she went comatose. Apparently she has stopped eating and is only on pain meds at this time, so it is just a matter of time but my 88 year old mother is pretty traumatized by this.
Wow. In my opinion, and that is all it is, the foster home should not have accepted a hospice patient unless they could provide a private room.
Adult foster care do accept Hopice patients, but they should be separated from the rest. My father-in-law died in foster care, but he had his own room, plus there was only 1 other man at the time living there. I think you should shop around for a different place for your mom. There HAS got to be other adult foster homes available right? I know here in Oregon, it's the up and coming alternative to nursing homes. Don't give up on the foster idea, just find another place. We shopped around through at least 5 places before we landed on the one we liked best.

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