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I have witnessed so many abusive incidents by my Step Father/Father in law that I cannot physically stomach any more. I can no longer subject myself to the behavior, I have removed myself from the situation. I can no longer be kind and understanding to the abusive behavior my mother tolerates. She and her Husband are not permitted on my property and I do not feel bad for putting up these boundaries. I don't even want to be called for their funeral. Time has not changed my feelings on this, if anything it only reinforces how I feel. Thanks for letting me Post!


Kudos to you for being strong enough to say "enough is enough" to abusive relationships. It's hard.

Post away--we're always here :)
Dear CStrait,

I hear you. Glad you are doing what is right for you! We all have our limits and we have a right to enforce them. Our own physical and mental well being demand it. Thank you for sharing your story and giving encouragement to others to take a stand if and when they are ready.
Witnessed or been subjected to? Or both?

How long has your mother been with this character?
Boy, you have it both ways. He is ur stepfather and FIL? If FIL came first than I wouldn't even consider him a stepfather. Actually, if people had no responsibility in raising me they aren't my step just the spouse of my parent. I give you so much credit. Maybe it will bring Mom around or not. For ur sanity, you did the right thing.

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