A heartfelt thank you to all the caregivers here.

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I want to let everyone know how much i appreciate the help! half of the time, i feel like im losing my mind and i know you guys feel that way too sometimes. even if you have never given me advice, i appreciate you helping others. im so glad i came across this website, because nobody i know has similar circumstances, because im only 25 and im helping my husbands grandma who is 80, and our parents are only around 50. we are still figuring ourselves out, so its really rough for us to do this, but we really love her and want to make sure the rest if her life is happy. We truly love helping others. She has no other family members willing to help, her own adult children, so all she has is us. but to everyone who is caretaking: you are a wonderful human being for taking the responsibilty, a lot of people just dont bother taking care of their elderly. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. And you are greatly appreciated from others whom you have given advice to. Thank you!


That's a very nice message Moonflower. It's rare to see people your age helping care for seniors. You are unique. God bless you!
Sorry about mispelling: Ditto!
Yes, it's nice to be thanked. There are a lot of helpful people here who've helped guide me through some tough issues.
I agree with GardenArtist. It's lonely being a caregiver. And I was put in the position of caregiving to both of my aging parents (now one) when I was a young age. My friends in my age group were getting married, having kids, moving up the career ladder, going to grad school - while I was a "caregiver". My friends were passing judgement, saying crass things and I just cut them out of life. And in the time I was/am a caregiver, I gained invaluable skills that have made me more well-rounded than I was when I was working up the career ladder. Caregivers are multi-taskers from hell, negotiators, business managers, inventory managers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, personal fitness coach, chef, personal drivers, investment manager, counselors, savvy shoppers....and the list continues. After my mother passes away - I can easily start and run a multi-million dollar company based on the hell I've been through in the last decade. This site has provided the emotional support I need - because I'm human and get fed up and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in the process. And that I can freely vent without worry of being judged. Also, not to mean, but I do chuckle at some of the comments regarding caregivers and their loved ones - because caregiving is so stressful that you just have to laugh at the craziness and insanity that we deal with on a daily basis.
Twenty-five seems so young at least nowadays but 100 years ago it wouldn't have been. I know you'll bring a refreshing perspective to caregiving and this forum. I do hope you will participate. And thanks for sharing. - NYDIL

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