94 year old women returns to her high school to finally graduate!

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You go granny!!!


i read a wilder story than that this am on dailymailonline . a 91 yr old veteran parachuted from a plane at the celebrations of the D - day landings in normandy . many female commenters said they were in love with him at first sight . he WAS a comical looking old cat .
To grow old and stay cool, that is the dream.
this old guy was too busy being cool to even notice the " cool " fad . lol ..
check him out . theres 91 yrs of laughter , pain , terror , etc in his wise old grin ..
in another mailonline story this evening a 91 yr old busts out of his nursing home and makes the d - day celebrations . if its true , im seeing a pattern here . these old fellows are pretty headstrong ..

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