$880B Federal Funds eliminated for Medicaid

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I know we are not to talk politics, but this will affect many people, if and when such an agreement in Congress takes place. The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday [05/04/2017] voted to remove $880 Billion for funding of Medicaid over the next 10 years. Along with adding higher cost for health insurance for older people not already on Medicare, and adding higher cost for those with pre-existing conditions.

I didn't know how important Medicaid was for the elderly until I started reading and writing on Aging Care. Oh I hope the U.S. Senate doesn't allow this, as the ball is now in their court regarding this new Bill.

I felt my future would be secure knowing if I run out of self-funding that I could sign up for Medicaid to help get me through my older age. I was so rattled when I heard this morning's news. And to see some Congressmen and the current President applauding this was mind boggling.

And to make it even more interesting, the U.S. House voted that they are exempt from this. Say what? Seriously? Congress is suppose to get the same health care plans as any Federal employee, that is how it has been for decades.

What makes me uneasy is that if this Bill passes the U.S. Senate that the States won't received the Federal funds that they normally get, then the States would need to raise State/County/City taxes. If that doesn't happen, programs will be cut. Then what?

Hopefully I am worrying over nothing. Call your U.S. State Senator [each State has two] and rattle their cage if they are for the above changes.


I am spitting nails over this too. The cruelty and short-sightedness...

I'm holding back but I really do not understand how these buffoons get elected.
What the federal government is doing is providing some money and hoping the states will cover the rest. People living in states like NY and CA will be cared for, because the states are good at caring for their people. People living in poorer states will be the ones feeling the greatest effect most likely.
I'm with lindylu on spitting nails. The list of pre-existing has grown so and will cause many more to be declined coverage than pre-ACA.
Did you see that domestic violence and rape are pre-existing conditions? Just ridiculous.
So these women are victimized yet one more time.
I've always thought Paul Ryan had it in for old people. I wondered if something complex was going on there. He has been after old folks programs for years. I read that his grandmother had Alzheimer's and he helped with her some when he was in high school. Maybe that is where the bad feelings come from. You would think it would be the opposite, but maybe he saw some of the things we talk about here.

Or maybe he feels his place is to protect the government and businesses' money. The new bill will also take away the penalty of not offering insurance to employees. That saves businesses a lot. BUT small business is not so favored, since the bill takes away the healthcare insurance tax credit for small business.

BTW, AARP is attacking it fiercely. I am glad to see them do something. 
There have been mentions made of revamping Medicare and giving people credits to secure their own coverage. Can you see telling an 80 year old that she has to shop insurance every year?
Like "we have to pass the bill to know what's in it?"
I think both sides
Linda22 "Can you see telling an 80 year old that she has to shop insurance every year?"

Right. Or one more job dumped on the caregiver!
The GOP plans to use that money to offset the largest tax cut for the wealthy ever passed. This is the reason they do not care what the people think. Their wealthy owners will take care of them!

When will people stop voting against their own self interest? The last time in history the GOP controlled all three branches of government (yeah..a majority GOP appointed on the Supreme Court). They gave us the Great Depression. The last time the GOP controlled the White House and congress they gave us the Great Recession. When will people realize that the GOP doesn't care about average people?

Write your senator. This must not pass the senate

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