74 yr. old mom paces in the house

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My 74 yr old mother who has demintia just moved into an assisted living apt. near my family. She is 10 mins. away so she is spending a lot of time at our house.

Previous to that we would only see her twice a week for 4-5 hrs.

We've noticed that when she is at our house she paces ALL the time, and it is making me very nervous. For instance she was doing her laundry on Sun. and paced back and forth from the family room to the laundry room every few minutes to see if her laundry was done even though I told her the washer will beep very loudly when it was done.
Any ideas as to why she does this?

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It is possible she has restless leg syndrom -my husband had it and it feel better when they walk that is one possibility.

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