It's 5:00 on Friday...(my time zone anyway).

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Although a lot of us are working 24/7.....can we have a forum tonight to chat about anything BUT caregiving? Tell a joke,reminisce about our misspent youth,talk about what we cooked for dinner,make fun of Kim and Kanye's stupid baby name?????
I declare HAPPY HOUR!


I'll start (popping open my diet coke)......So Mickey and Minnie are in divorce court. The Judge says to Mickey...I can't grant you a divorce on the grounds that Minnie is a little silly. Mickey says....I didn't say she was silly...I said she was FRECKING Goofy!
My Granddaughter Maggie: I love you Gramma.
Me: I Love you too Maggie!
Maggie: dank you vetty much!
Hey Boni, I am SO there!! It's like you read my mind! I wanted to start a thread just like this cuz I think at least some of us REALLY need it!!!! Just have to get mil tucked in (my narcissistic SIL is actually over there visiting with her right now - one of her 4-6 obligatory "visits" with her mother per year) and I'll join up.
Love the Micky/Minnie joke!
its 6 pm on my cloud. aint nothing going on here but some unopened hate mail on the table from the irs. they must not have liked my proposal to pay em a dollar a year for 600 years.
I talk the ears off the people at the grocery store. Current events, celebrity gossip, is always the topic when talking to family, and I have not made any friends since I've moved here....besides you guys. : )
capt, I lived in Indiana for a year, just before I came to Moms. I used to joke...The weather is Cold and Nasty....just like the people. You are the nicest Hoosier I know.
The disney joke is an old one...but the only other one I can ever remember is...why does a dog lick his balls....?
Hey Boni et al! Great idea! Singing tonight but I'll be here tomorrow with my Chardonnay, if you don't mind?! I'll brink some jokes and the Cheetos.
Have fun! WhooHoo! :) xoxo
i dont know where you lived boni but i live in central indiana. i took a bike trip to chicaggy a couple years ago and every time i pulled off the road for a smoke break someone would stop to see if i had mechanical problems. these were country roads and im not particularily pretty. i thought it was both kind and trusting of them.
i tried to lie down tonight for a bit and woke up sweating. one of us had turned the heat on and it wasnt me or the bird. it is 85 degrees in here. pretty sure mad max had something to do with it..
I was in Valparaiso and didn't get out much, but if I did go to the grocery store or such....nobody made eye contact, or said hello, much less a short convo. Here on L.I. everybody has a smile and a "have a nice day" for you. It's suburban heaven. Ya know, I was just watching M.A.S.H with Mom. Frank Burns was from!

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