Only 4 days on this Agingcare forum and I'm feeling different.

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About 4 days ago I found this forum to share my feelings and resentment about having to be my mum's live-in-caregiver. I knew I would be understood and supported because everyone is in the same situation at some level. What I have come to realize by reading many of your stories and comments is that although I don't have the freedom in my life right now that my friends do, my life and my situation as a caregiver is not nearly as devastating and negative as some of the stories I have read. My mum is in a position to pay me a decent salary, she is not wealthy but financially comfortable, she lives in a house that is big enough that we both have our own space and right now she is not overly demanding, she is just spoiled. I do still have the freedom to get out for a few hours each day and I look forward to that. Before I became her caregiver I was self-employed as a geriatric caregiver, so I have dealt with many different situations. I feel my goal on this forum now is to realize that I don't have it that rough and to provide as much support as I can to those that do. You all have enlightened me, thank-you!


yea, there are some folks here so bent they are ready to jump off a bridge. they know not to jump off of my bridge tho..
old inside joke. if ya jump off the bridge i live under your screwed when you hit the bottom.. that likelyhood has saved more lives than the national suicide hotline.
Welcome to the board!
Glad to hear you're feeling better.
I think I have been so wrapped up in my situation and the lack of help and support from my sisters that I had no way of knowing how many people out there have it worse than me. As my mum deteriorates I'm sure I will have more issues but right now I am hoping I can be a support to as many people here as possible. It's wonderful to have people care even though we have never met.
Welcome! I wouldn't have jumped the bridge....but I was stockpiling valium when I found this sight. The support is wonderful and it is so comforting to know you are not alone. We also try to use humor to defuse our sadness, and cptn is the head honcho of that dept. You will get helpful advice and feel a great satisfaction when you have helpful advice to give.We're glad you are here.
Keep coming back -- it helps!
Welcome... Just remember a lot of our comments are made while under stress, so please don't be offended if we says something you find offensive, there's always someone with a positive attitude :)

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