33 years with Mom!!!

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I just realized I was 20 yrs old when my parents moved away to retire in FLA and left me behind (good luck we're retiring to an adult community, see ya"!) And I was 39 when Dad died and Mom moved in with me (I should of told her "No Senior Citizens allowed") So that's a total of 33 freaking years....


Wow. That is a LONG TIME!! I've spent 18 1/2 years.... not so long. 30 years with my son! LOL!! Not sure which is worse :)
No one can say you are a quitter !!! Love ya Assa!!!!
33 years! You are one tough lady.
Well the first 20 were when I was a child growing up..But none of my other siblings moved out and then took Mom back in their home...
I have you beat at 45 years (including being a child) living with her, and three years with Mom in AL. I have only been on my own 21 years. No wonder I am burned out!

Ironically, I was cleaning out my hobby closet and came across tons of magazines and books. Nine boxes later, I turned to my husband and said, "I was hiding from Mom." If I had a magazine or book, I did not have to interact. It was my way of escaping to maintain my sanity.

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