17 days after feeding tube removed, mom is still with us.

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My mom is still with us after a massive stroke on 8/31. She is so strong. At 42 she beat stage 4 cancer 24 years ago, at 46, 20 years ago she survived a heart attack during an EKG and artery rupture during angioplasty, all brought on by radiation damage and subsequent lung damage she was on oxygen for. Those times are marked by the pregnancies of both my children. After a very hard week of her being mostly nonresponsive, declining comfort feedings and appearing to be fading, yesterday seemed to be what many call rallying with more chatter but only half of what she said was true, delirium, she said the dog beside her was pretty. Rallying it might have been, but I'm in denial of that. When the doctors said she would most likely make it 20 days, I didn't even realize day 20 is my birthday. I'm taking a chocolate cupcake today. It's been a month and one week since daddy passed. I keep hearing him say "give her to me". Getting closer to that day 20 prediction (and I know these things can't be predicted)....i am terrified of that day coming.


You are a hero in the midst of such difficult situations - this must be your mother's strength in you
I wish you a peaceful Sunday with mom and that chocolate cupcake
My goodness Angiedd, you sure have been through a lot. Prays and hugs to you! What a thing to go through on your birthday. You are truly a giving soul. Do you have others to help support you and your mom?
Angie, we're by your side in this journey.
You sound as strong in spirit as your mom, which is saying a lot. Giving you both big virtual {{{{hugs}}}}. We're here for you on this emotional journey.
Hugs and hopes for peaceful days ahead.
Sunnygirl, I'm an only child but my kids have been amazing!

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