12 minutes with Alzheimer's.

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Very interesting news story on what its like to live with Alz. Hope you can click on link. If not, go to youtube and search on 12 Minutes With Alzheimers.


good video. it makes me wonder if dementia is, instead of a disease, just the results of age related decline. cant see, cant concentrate, and multiple physical afflictions just make you nuts or appear to be nuts. we have to make up a label for everything in this country and create an industry around it. " capitalism " , a big dam farce.
crazy old ladys have always hurled cats iz what im saying i guess.
My husband, tentatively diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, contributed his brain for scientific research. The autopsy clearly confirmed the diagnosis, showing severe accumulation of Alpha-synuclein protein deposits.

Maybe, captain, some people with age-related decline are misdiagnosed with dementia. But dementia definitely exists. To claim it is just a capitalist excuse to build an industry is insulting and not the least bit helpful.

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