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My Father's Final Months
Placing a loved one in a facility can be extremely difficult, but there are a few unexpected benefits that can arise from this decision.

Life as a Caregiver

Recognizable Changes
I see Mum fading in and out of reality, sometimes recognizing the severity of her illness and other times not even realizing something is wrong. All I can do is go through the motions with her.
Half-Truths: Sometimes You Have No Choice
Christmas has come and gone, but in Mum’s mind the planning has just begun. When her anxiety returns and her questions become repetitive, white lies are what alleviate her worries.
Constructs of Reality
As Mum’s memory fades, the realities of her everyday life seem to go as well. It’s like acting in a strange play with half of the cues missing.

Patient Perspectives

Caregivers, Take Care of Yourselves at All Costs
As a dementia patient, I see how much my wife handles on a daily basis. “Care warriors” like her and many others are far from invincible, and it’s time to recognize that.
Daylight Saving Time Can Trigger Sundowning Behaviors
With shorter days, cold weather and less sunlight, the onset of winter is no picnic even for the healthiest individuals. For those living with dementia, seasonal changes can bring added emotional, behavioral and cognitive difficulties.
Inform the Authorities of Your Loved One's Dementia
Alzheimer's and dementia often cause difficult behavioral changes that can easily become dangerous for both patients and their caregivers. Notifying the local police and EMS of your loved one's condition can help them better handle potential emergencies.

Timely Topics

Talking About Death and Dying Is Good for Us
People once avoided certain topics, like being gay or alcoholic. These days, people avoid talking about death and dying, but that's slowly changing too. Here is why those discussions are so important to individual patients, their families and friends.

Be Grateful this Holiday Season
The holidays can be busy and emotional enough to make your head spin. With a few simple organizational tips and reminders to be appreciative for all that you have, you can have a happy and meaningful season.

As I Approach 70...
If I ever needed a sense of humor and adventure, it is now! I am reinventing my life yet again, which is both exciting and perplexing at times. But, it is important to remember that it's never too late to shake things up and find happiness.

Products and Services

New Gadget May Provide Answers for Dementia Patients
Amazon's latest interactive electronic device may help dementia patients with some of their confusion and keep them engaged. This gadget may also help caregivers manage repetitive dementia behaviors and stay organized.

A European Device that Could Help Older Americans in the Bathroom
I was so happy with the hygiene devices I experienced during a recent trip to Europe that I installed them in my own bathrooms.

The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors
Seniors may qualify for a free government cell phone. There are also low-cost cell phone plans for seniors from major cell phone carriers.

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