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Bathroom & Bathing Products

Find products to lighten your daily caregiving workload and help your loved one remain independent as long as possible.

Featured Product

Rinse-free Comfort Bath® Cleansing Washcloths and Shampoo Cap

Bathing can be a real challenge for someone with limited mobility. Plus, traditional sponge baths using a basin are a proven way to spread germs. Sage Products Rinse-free Comfort Bath® Cleansing Washcloths and Shampoo Cap make bathing a clean, comfortable experience.

Featured Product

Shower & Tub Personal Assistant™

Our 42” double rail handle will reach from the outside of your standard tub or shower and extend 42” to the inside allowing you to hold onto the strong and sturdy hand rail every step you make entering and exiting.

Moen® Premium Shower Chair

The Home Care™ by Moen® Shower Chair features an innovative leg design for superior stability, and support handles with rubber grips that make standing up or sitting down much easier.

Slip-Resistant Tub and Shower Tread

Safety Walk tub and shower tread is ideal for helping prevent slips and falls. Used for sure-footed protection in the bathroom, can be used on the bottoms of bathtubs and showers.

Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue Aid

Elderly can wipe on the toilet more easily with the Freedom Wand.

Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

Anti-bacterial BPA-free bath mat. Made of high-quality, allergen-free vinyl. Machine washable.

SaniCare Commode Liners

SaniCare Commode Liners are designed to offer an amazing value-pack price while still providing a leak-resistant and comfortable experience.

Toilet Seat Raiser by MedWay Corp.

Raise the toilet seat off the ground, so elderly parents can more easily lower themselves to sit down.

CleanCut Step Bathtub Accessibility Kit

CleanCut offers a solution for easier access to the bathtub area for a fraction of the cost and time of other renovation offers.

The FootMate™ System by Gordon Brush

The FootMate™ System is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower.

Sanitary Bidet

The Sanitary Bidet is easy to install, requires no special remodeling and offers a clean fresh new way when going to the bathroom.

Moen® Premium Transfer Bench

With a wide post leg and a rounded seat edge, the Premium Transfer Bench provides a secure, comfortable transfer in and out of the tub.

Moen® Premium SecureLock™ Tub Grip

The SecureLock™ Tub Grip features an exclusive locking mechanism that provides reliable stability for stepping in and out of the tub more safely.

Moen® Palm Hand Held Shower

The Home Care™ by Moen® Palm Hand Held Shower, with its innovative palm feature, provides an easier and more comfortable showering experience.

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