Where the Truth Lies


Sometimes I sit and think about where the truth lies about when "Al" first moved in to Bob's life. I am not even sure why I spend so much time thinking about it, but I do.

I go over every memory of odd or strange behavior, and memory losses that may have seemed innocent at the time.

I know I saw things, maybe I just ignored them? Maybe I was too busy, too tired, too … maybe I just blame myself for not taking those things seriously.

I know in my mind it is not my fault. I think I just want to hold someone accountable for the devastation this disease has caused, because that is what we do in this world: hold some one else accountable, right? ☹

Sheri works fulltime as a Property Manager and caregiver for Robert, her husband of 25 years, who was diagnosed in 2008 with both Frontal Lobe Dementia and Alzheimer’s. On a journey she never thought she would find herself on, Sheri has been blogging about the way Alzheimer’s has invaded her family’s life since 2009.

Living in the Shadow of Alzheimer's

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I think hind site is 20/20. Yes there may be some denial at the time but who could know this? The one accountable is the disease. Be gentle with yourself.
Stepping back is important and letting those miserable ruminations escape your mind and fly away. The pain you now feel will go away but not until you accept the fact the illness has little to do with you. Forget the blame factor.