The Clutter of My Life


I have been feeling quite challenged by the clutter of my life lately. I have always been some what of a clutter bug, okay a lot of a clutter bug. An inherited trait, I like to believe.☺

But, in truthfulness, when I went through the process of loosing our home to foreclosure in 2011, I separated myself from a lot of stuff. That separation of "stuff" was out of necessity, anger and sadness. It was a deep sadness over the loss of Bob to Alzheimer's and all the clutter of memories there were, that were now gone for ever.

I am in a much different place now, and the clutter that I need to part with I do so willingly. I just struggle with finding the time and resources to get rid of it.

I feel in my heart that I truly need less "stuff." Bob and "Al" would do better with less "stuff" around. So that is my goal now; to pare down the stuff in my life, so I can focus on what is important, by freeing my mind and my life from both the mental and physical clutter.

Sheri works fulltime as a Property Manager and caregiver for Robert, her husband of 25 years, who was diagnosed in 2008 with both Frontal Lobe Dementia and Alzheimer’s. On a journey she never thought she would find herself on, Sheri has been blogging about the way Alzheimer’s has invaded her family’s life since 2009.

Living in the Shadow of Alzheimer's

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