I Will


I Will

When you forget I will remember for us both

When you get lost I will find you

When you are sad I will be sad with you

When the fear comes I will comfort you

When you cry I will dry your tears

When you lash out at me I will not be angry

When you repeat I will have patience

When you forget my name I will understand

When you can no longer eat I will feed you

When your legs fail I will carry you

When you long for home I will be your safe place

When your journey is ending I will be by your side

I will love you for eternity

I Will...

-Written by Michele DeSocio

Growing up in a close family, Michele DeSocio learned about the power of love at a very young age and still maintains that she is happiest when with her loved ones. In 1999, she became caregiver to her mom Jean DelCampo. Michele found her voice as an advocate volunteering for Memory People, an online support and awareness group for dementia.

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Well, "I will try" seems more realistic, (sigh).
Thank you, that is just what I feel for my dad. It is heartbreaking, but so right that I take care of him.
Pome speaks trutn.thank You