What should I do when my elderly mom refuses to go to the doctor?


Q:What should I do when my elderly mom refuses to go to the doctor?

A: It happens often and is horribly frustrating. You can't physically get them in the car to go. I wish I had a magic answer, but I don't. Preparing ahead is wise.

If that doesn't work, lying helps sometimes, depending on their mentality. If it's dementia and they forget easily, getting them in the car for something "fun", and then dropping by the doc's office first, may work. It also may not. It's trial and error.

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I have learned not to tell her ahead of time and then day of the appt. I tell her the doc office called and got a last minute cancellation and can see us and I told them ok and if we don't go, they are going to have to charge us for the visit...works almost everytime.