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Writing and Caregiving: A Cathartic Combination


I can't even keep a journal of events without ending up in a full rant that sounds as if I hate my life, my mother, and sundry participants of our lives including our pets!

I, too, have tried to put things into words and it really does help. I have a blog but don't really know how to promote it but does help me tremendously.

The name of my blog is "at the end of the day.." and it can be found at www.healthyagingcaring.com


I've been writing about our family's experiences with dementia on my blog "Drifting Toward Planet Elderly"...me as an only child 400 miles from my folks who both had dementia. The blog is good personal therapy, a way to share our family's experience. Dad passed away Sept. 2016 and Mom is now relocated to the city where I live. It's been a hell of a journey...and it continues.