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Wise Words from Mum on Living with Dementia


Such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing. You're doing great taking her out in spite of her failing health, & also affirming her feelings of depression that her body doesn't work like she want it to anymore.

Thank you! Thank you for sharing!
I usually tell my DH how good looking he is - makes him all giggly.

We use CBD oil on a 95 year old with dementia with fantastic results. Go to the Realm of Caring for help. Our functional medicine doctor (chiropractor) suggested it and it REALLY works. Do your research on CBD oil but beware of scams.

Same here with my 83 year old Mom....I just try to make the best of each visit, all I can do. We're not allowed to take her out as it would really throw her for a loop (everything must be done in the same routine all the time) and she would end up very agitated and confused. She's in a nursing home. Cries each and every time someone visits...asking if we'll please take her home. But as you stated, when she's in the moment, we can still have lovely conversations like we used to. Dementia is a terrible disease but I'm doing my best to keep my chin up and keep her as happy as possible. Even if it's just 'for the moment'.

This is heartbreakingly poignant. I am going through a similar situation with my 89 year old father. Making plans to do fun stuff, taking him to activities or parties we've planed with our family members so he can be around them and be loved and supported - only to have him forget that he attended just half an hour later.

Plus, taking him out of his assisted living facility to attend these functions throws off his set daily routine, and sometimes causes him stress and makes him more confused than usual. All of which converges to make me and my sister wonder if we should disrupt his life routine with such outings.

We both want our good old Dad back, and like you think he'll "snap out of it" one day and be 'normal'.

We've accepted the foregone conclusion that this is his new normal, and the Dad we knew for most of our lives is no longer in residence.

This is so where we are right now - Dad and me. I keep thinking I need to take him out but going out is tiring for him. He makes the effort but the trip needs to be short and he has no stamina for shopping so our outings are usually food related. He won't say he is depressed but he does feel that he isn't any good at anything and there is little to look forward to in the future. He's a nice person by nature but sometimes says the wrong thing by accident. There are too many things for him to remember just to go to the bathroom. I need to remember this is harder for him than for me.

Thank you, Reality Check. You hit the nail on the head because I have not seen that side of dementia in my mother. Verbally abusive, always complaining, will not have a conversation with me about anything yet tells people I don't speak to her. Only time she speaks to me is to accuse me of stealing or calling me the Devil. Oh what I would give for the tea drinking Mom that I could spend quality moments with before the end

Watch your parents' doctors. They are expediting disease in us, especially if you're white. The pharmaceutical companies are sorcerers who are operated by the adversary.


Your mum doesn't sound demented, just old and tired.
When my mother had dementia, she had lots of nervous
energy, would drag me out into the middle of a busy street.
She could not hold a conversation. She was violent and out of
control. And she was NOT good company.