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Why I Am Not Embarrassed by My Dementia


David, thank you for the most interesting article. With my boss and I, we are both senior citizens, we have those memory gaps, but have learned to help each other try to guess what the other was thinking. My boss laughs that between us is one good brain.

At another company where I had worked, the front desk Receptionist was in her 80's, and any time she would have a faux pas, she would laugh and say "I am in my 80's, I deserve the right to make a mistake once in a while" :)

I live in the Washington DC suburbs and I am so glad that the Washington Post is doing many more articles in reference to elder care and memory issues. I find those articles very informative, but I wonder how many readers won't read it because they cannot relate. Oh how I wished I knew more about this years ago so I could have understood it better in regard to my parents.


There is often a social stigma attached to degenerative disorders, especially those pertaining to mental health. The absence of quality care and thorough research makes one reluctant to discuss his/her symptoms. This blog should serve as an inspiration to all those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to not feel ashamed of their condition or behavior.