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Visual Changes in Dementia Patients


my wife has pca . sight being the first thing affected . trying forever to get people to understand , even the doctors

Thanks for the great article. It explains a number of issues I have encountered in my own life, since a neurologic episode left me with "wonky" vision issues and I am often startled by motion that does not freak others out.

A kindle - where I can increase font size and limit words on a line - make me able to read some part of each day providing I don't spend more than 30 min on a computer.

The article helps me understand some of what mom may be going through. It is getting hard for her to read and watch tv. I wonder if it has to do with angle of the TV being out of her peripheral vision too.

Rick, thanks for the article. This is something new that I never knew about... good information to keep on hand for the future.


Excellent article. I wish I had this information when I was caring for my late husband, who had Alzheimer's in addition to several diseases. His hospice nurse never told me about this. However, when she took him outdoors for a walk, she told me that he was unable to distinguish the sidewalk from the adjoining grassy area and was at risk for falling. However, I never approached him from behind because I never to that to any person or animal.