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A Caregiver’s Tip: Coping with Dementia on Outings


I'm actually considering making up a business card that explains his condition so I don't have to do the awkward explanations when in public. My husband loves to go out in public but is not great at what is considered polite behavior anymore.


Thanks so much for this article. It validates what I had to figure out and do for my in-laws. We brought them to our state 3 years ago, to Assisted Living (first) and now they are in the facility's nursing home. They were drowning in trying to cope and didn't want anyone to know. I had to be a detective and figure out EVERYTHING to do with their affairs, financial and otherwise, because they through so many important things away. I take them to all their dr. appointments (they could go on the facility's bus, but then what would I know??), so I soon found out that I couldn't say the "A" word in front of my mother-in-law, plus she and my father-in-law could play a cool game of "Who has Dementia? Not me!" I soon figured out what I had to do is fax the dr the day before the appointment with all the information (especially a new dr or if there was an issue, not just a checkup). I would remind the dr that s/he has dementia, why we were seeing him/her, and what I needed or suspected. It has helped immensely! Sometimes I even have to laugh to myself, because the dr comes in and doesn't even ask why s/he is there (just goes from my notes). Yikes! ;)