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Fighting the Physical Effects of Age and Dementia


My husband is the same as your mother is. He's still at home though.
But his muscles/strength is slipping away slowly but surely. So sad to see this happen. And then when he gets a UTI, he goes downhill very quickly. Do they check your mom for UTI's? Older people are prone to these and the affect everything...mind, body etc.

Sarah, my Mom has been diagnosed with "mild cognitive impairment". She is great, in that she is generally willing to try anything to help. We have worked up to 30 minute walks on most days. She enjoys it and doesn't like to miss a day, even though, sometimes she is very tired.

I believe it is one of the best things we can do for our loved ones, both physically and mentally.

Thanks for the post.

I found that singing old military marching songs while doing PT with the therapist helped with my friend - some are quite funny, and they all have a nice get-up-and-go beat. We'd get a smiles from other residents & staff as we marched to Tipperary, or bungled our way through"Mr. ZipZipZip" & other WW1 songs (did you know "La Cucharacha was a military marching song? My friend was a history teacher/history buff of WW1). You can look on YouTube for ideas, & play them on your phone. Camp Songs & Boy/Girl Scout camping songs work, as do some '60s protest songs if you prefer those. Songs seem embedded deep, deep in the memory, & I vividly remember one time as we were rushing to get back to the SNF in a blustery wind when to our delight my friend started belting out "Button up your overcoat". It was difficult for him to talk, but he was aware of more than he could communicate, which seems to be common.


Thanks Sarah for sharing your story. It’s great that you find time to help out your mother. The most important thing for seniors is to start exercising and socializing.Family Caregivers should take care of their loved one in his or her daily habits.

People can take time out from their work routine to assist seniors. A friendly conversation with your loved one can create a pleasant atmosphere.