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Driving and Dementia


Same with my state's DMV -- very low standards to renew a license.

"You, as the caregiver, have to take these people where they want to go, when they want to go if you take away their ability to get around. " I take issue with this statement in the article. NO, the caregiver does not have to take the elder wherever and whenever they want to go. It is perfectly fine to set some boundaries. Why should the elder make all the rules?

I will be dealing with this very shortly with my own mother. She is already angry about it, especially since she thinks that giving me her car gives her the right to make the rules. Nope!

Our state DMV has no testing for reissuing drivers licenses. You simply pay the fee every four years and get a new one. Sadly, I'm afraid this is an area where we can't get help.

Our local DMV is not helpful. On two occasions (with my friend's parents) they have reissued drivers licenses even though they know that person has limitations and dementia. It is all about the almighty dollar.


Just browsing. My Wife who is in the early stage of Dementia. Did continue to drive until she totaled our car. Thank heavens no one was hurt.