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Dementia Care: Surrounded by Sound


I had thought for a few years about getting Dad an iPOD but I thought it might be too complicated for him and he would lose it (Nano). I've never used one myself. The bookshelf stereo is too complicated and he didn't seem to like the assortment of CDs I had purchased. Thanks for telling your story.

Such a beautiful story out of the horror of dementia.

On most players there is a button with an arrow in a circular`motion which will automatically replay the disc or tape until you change it or stop it. My son used to play the piano weekly at a local nursing home and the patients
enjoyed watching & hearing him play. Music therapy to
include patient participation could be beneficial.

Wow, thats a great story with an amazing outcome! Thanks for sharing it!


Thank you! I have shared your article giving you full credit - a lot of us are caregivers and many have their loved ones in a nursing home. I hope this can help many to make Mom &/or Dad's remaining time enjoyable.