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Personal Care Agreements: A Must for Caregiver Compensation and Medicaid Planning


Can a personal care agreement be used for social security quarters for the caregiver?

As per my brief article today - PLAN ahead! Not everyone has the ability to be reimbursed for their time spent care giving. It is truly a spiritual position - one member of the family usually falls into - without being prepared! GET prepared!
TY to AgingCare.com (not everyone listens either). Your articles are always timely!

I love my momma so very much and since the death of her husband I’ve had to quit my job, move in with her in her tiny little condo. I wouldn’t have it any other way, she is the most wonderful Momma in the world. She now needs my constant care, she has no means nor do I ( I too am a widow ) is there any programs that will assist me financially to help her?

If we bring in over a certain amount a year as husband and wife, I cannot get any compensation for caring for his needs ever, is that right?

My mom has COPD and EMPHASIMA .Also lungs in bad shape.

can I bill our family trust for caregiving after my mother has passed?

My parents live in Ohio. My father is 81 and not well. My mother suffers from Alzheimer's and needs 24 7 care. Considering helping them get on Medicaid and having my husband be their paid caregiver. Financially he has to have some income for us to keep up our bills. Does anyone know how the compensation works or how much?

update: both headstones have been bought, not sure if they were bought out of the insurance money that had for the death in the family, know there's still some left; not sure fully understand the minimums they have, but anyway, but of course now that's raised their assets amount, so they definitely now have more than $2K, so now definitely not qualified for Medicaid; there was possibly a little more given away, not really sure if that's what I was talking about here, or has been since, but, if so, only about once; that's now basically stopped and also what had been charged, besides what had been borrowed, has now been able to be paid off; in spite of the comments that had been made about not having to, which may or may have actually held true in their situation, since he does get a private pension as well as social security, she'd just always not wanted to leave this world owing anybody, so they made it through that time, even with them both getting somewhat worse, although about that same time they did begin to get things worked back out with the help they'd been getting that had retired, to get the extra help that they'd been supposed to have started getting, so they began to get 5 hrs. a day in, his bath again and somewhat some housekeeping help. Turns out the award letter did end up coming to the house, wasn't quite sure how that would work, with giving POA, etc., but guess that doesn't entirely transfer all mail over; not entirely sure she wanted POA to see or know but he did, which opened up the conversation for what it was for and they started getting someone in also on Sundays from 9-5, who, from what I understand, does even more housekeeping, or at least, as I understand, more meal preparation, not entirely sure if just for that day; not exactly sure what had been going on before, but also some extra cooking, treats and such they hadn't been having. However, since things continue to go down, they could still use more; not really sure what the Sunday help does the rest of the time, if she could use more hours, think going to try to begin to try to find out.

Any luck finding out how? I'm looking for the same answer


That's what I'm trying to find out too